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Rejuvenating the Body With Holistic Therapy Techniques

Are you suffering from back pain, sore muscles, headache, or stiff neck? Do you need help getting rid of energy blockages or excess baggage caused by emotional issues? Do you wish to experience total relaxation? If so, then take the time to visit Let The Healing Begin in Tweed Heads South, New South Wales.

I provide energetic massage, chakra cleansing and balancing, and intuitive life coaching to help my clients achieve physical, emotional, and mental healing. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Energetic Massage

During an energetic massage session, I will work not only on your muscles, but also on the energy flow in your body. Although constantly in motion due to the influence of the yin and yang polarity, this energy can be knocked out of balance. The long-term effects of this imbalance can include physical and emotional problems, as well as serious fatigue and even illness.

I will start working intuitively using different techniques, depending on your request or what your body needs. You will be asked to feel the effect your breathing and the massage has on your body. This lets you become aware of the tensions in your body.

Apart from helping you relax physically, this technique will also allow your mind to unwind. Feelings may be unleashed, which will help restore balance in your body, mind, and emotions. Once the energy starts flowing again, you will feel more “at home” in yourself.

Chakra Cleanse and Balance

Your chakra centres are similar to a vehicle: You need to tune its engine, align the tires, replace the fluids, and balance the steering. Chakras are no different as they require both alignment and balancing.

Aligning focuses on healing an out-of-sync chakra, which could cause other chakras to work overtime. Balancing them puts them all in step with each other, allowing them to work together as a collective whole.

Healing involves taking care of our mind, thoughts, and affirmations. Aligning and balancing our energetic vehicle creates a healthy, energetic space. Just like a building, ensuring that your chakras have a firm foundation is important to having a healthy, open chakra system. You will start to feel confident, stable, and physically alive when you tap into your own renewable energy.

When your back or hips are misaligned, the best thing to do is to contact a chiropractor or massage therapist for an appointment. With chakras that are out of alignment, you should get in touch with an energy worker for a healing session.

Intuitive Life Coaching

As your intuitive life coach, I will help you deal with issues that have been holding you back and preventing you from creating a more fulfilling life. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s often necessary for healing. Recognising your issues, as well as your strengths and weaknesses is a first step to achieving wholeness and provide you with invaluable guidance as you walk towards the path to living the life of your dreams.

I will work with the energy you project in order to resolve your deepest issues. I use intuition to sense your blockages and help you identify and get rid of the source of your pain.

In addition, I will guide you through the process of introducing new habits, thoughts, and beliefs that will sustain the life that you want to live. Dealing with your issues and altering your consciousness can open yourself up to love and the abundance of opportunities that life offers.

Your mindset is the only thing keeping you stuck in a rut. I will help you acknowledge the thoughts and emotions that have been holding you down.

People reach out to intuitive coaches because they feel like it’s difficult, or even impossible, to heal on their own and without guidance. The truth is that healing from old traumas and wounds can be hard because we tend to internalise things, including the abuse and shame that caused us the trauma in the first place. We then become our own worst critic, making it difficult for us to be our own best friend and find healing.


Holidaying in tweed heads I was in agony with my back. Booking a massage with Sharon was the best. I walked out feeling brilliant, no pain. Only wished I lived closer so I could get a massage monthly. Regards

- Kay Lestone, Charters Towers, Queensland

Sharon's massage would have to be the best one I've ever had. After 50mins I was back to normal and next day pain free Thanks Sharon

- Wayne Lestone, Charters Towers, Queensland

I have known and had regular massages with Sharon over the past 20 years and also throughout my pregnancy. She is a lovely lady and has really helped me out. The mood is both calming and reassuring .In my opinion she is extremely professional and is the best massage therapist I have encountered in her field. I think this is due to her commitment and being passionate to her work and having a genuine gift for healing people. She is amazing and you will feel safe and nurtured.

- Kylie, Kinucumber N.S.W

Sharon is so passionate with everything she does her heart and soul is behind it all

From the moment you walk in to the room you can feel at ease, it is calming and peaceful , giving off positive energy.

With her knowledge passion and caring heart she also has a unique gift which unselfishly she wants to share with others to help and heal.

With her gentle touch she also has a powerful force, Sharon didn’t just help me with my physical pain but my emotional as well.

- Jeff from Albury/Wodonga

On a recent visit to Tweed Heads I stayed at the City Lights Motel where I was fortunate enough to find that the lovely lady working on reception was a masseuse, so I booked a treatment from her as I had an ongoing issue with a knee problem and after receiving some special treatment from Sharon not only did I feel relaxed there was also improvement in my knee, I stayed for the week so I could get more treatments from her, I can truthfully say that my problem with the knee has improved dramatically and I will continue to go back to her whenever I can.

- Bernice from Iluka N.S.W

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